Lateral Flow Test Reader System

GenPrime has developed a revolutionary lateral flow test reader system that is compatible with most major diagnostic test devices on the market today. Incorporating a patented image-analysis algorithm, our lateral flow test reader provides users with qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative results.

Precise, Faster and Less Expensive Tests

Testing is also completed faster, less expensively and with similar precision to gold-standard gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Our reader can simultaneously read multiple tests in one scan and is scalable to meet larger test volumes with simple hardware adaptions.

Test Results with Full Documentation

GenPrime’s rapid test reader virtually eliminates the potential for human error that can happen when lateral flow tests are visually assessed and manually documented. Using our reader, captured images and test results, patient and operator information, and the date and time of each test are all stored electronically for archiving and file sharing.

Easy System Integration APIs

Our rapid lateral flow test reader incorporates API software to easily integrate with all electronic health record systems. IVD programs can quickly and smoothly transition from obsolete visual- and transcription-based testing to more accurate, instrument-based diagnostics with system connection to any device.

Clinically Tested and Extensively Researched

GenPrime is currently the leader in developing lateral flow reader technology. Thanks to our OEM product partners, our reader has been distributed, clinically tested and well-received by thousands of hospitals, laboratories, and physicians throughout the US and Europe. Learn more details about our lateral flow test reader by clicking our "Read More" links.

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Enjoy accurate point-of-care test results for multiple indications. Additionally, our reader integrates with all electronic health record systems.

Drugs of Abuse Testing

Simultaneously detect multiple drug metabolites in human urine, whether you need qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative results.

Developers & Distributors

Customize our reader software to provide qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative results on your own brand-name device.

Lateral Flow Test Reader