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GenPrime has developed a revolutionary lateral flow test reader that has been FDA-cleared in one configuration and is compatible with most major diagnostic test devices on the market today. Incorporating a patented image-analysis algorithm, our lateral flow test reader platform provides users with qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative results. These results are of the same caliber as gold-standard polymerase-chain reaction (PCR)-based testing formats.

GenPrime’s readers increase precision over the human eye

What You See

Image taken on iphone 7

Genprime Scanner Results
What GenPrime’s Readers See

Image taken by GenPrime Reader

Genprime Scanner Results

Overall Positive PCR-standard agreement increased to 99.6% from 97.3% for visual test results (DOA)

Overall Negative PCR-standard agreement increased to 97.3% from 94.9% for visual test results (DOA)

Reduce Human Error & Subjectivity, and Eliminates Test Bias